Some thoughts on e-cigarettes,

smokeElectronic Cigarettes are a hot topic right now.  Smokeless, odourless, and electric, e-cigs are disrupting both the tobacco industry and the anti-tobacco lobbyists.  Here are some of my thoughts on this new phenomena, and some ideas on how we should deal with it.  I invite you to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Are they bad for you?

This is the defining question isn’t it?  And it would be so much easier if it had a simple answer.  Inhaling anything into your lungs is bad for you, whether it be nicotine from a traditional cigarette, the sweet smoke of a cuban cigar, a hit from a bong or some vapour from an e-cigarette.

Are they bad for other people?

Now it starts to get more interesting.  Both sides of the debate seem to agree that there needs to be more research conducted, however it seems pretty clear at this time that there is very little danger from second hand exposure to the vapour from e-cigarettes.  As someone who worked in close quarters with someone who “vaped” every day, I can tell you that I never felt I was inhaling anything unwanted.  Infact I couldn’t smell the vapour at all.

Won’t they lead to more people (and more kids) smoking?

The argument that e-cigs will be a “gateway smoke” leading to more smoking of traditional cigarettes has been used repeatedly by those seeking to regulate the industry.  To me this sounds like the same failed argument made against marijuana use during the war on drugs.  We now know (or ought to know) that marijuana use does not lead to heroin or cocaine use, and I highly doubt e-cigarette use will lead to a surge of new cigarette use.  In his book “The Tipping Point”, Malcom Gladwell makes the argument that teens smoke not because smoking is cool, but because smokers are cool, and teens will always want to emulate the cool kids.  Personally I would prefer that if my child is going to smoke, it would be a e-cigarette than a pack of Export ‘A’ Medium Blues.

Won’t people use them to smoke weed?

Probably! People also use pop cans, milk jugs, and apples to smoke weed too!

Do they help with weight loss, libido, etc?

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  I highly doubt e-cigarettes will help you lose weight, grow your hair back, help your libido, or have any measurable medical benefit.  Than being said, some people who struggle to lose weight often report that they eat not only when hungry, but when bored, stressed, etc.  Is smoking a e-cigarette worse for you than eating a pepperoni pizza?

Do they really help people quit smoking?

Not all people, just as all people can’t quit using the patch, or the gum.  However there does seem to be a large amount of people who say they have quit smoking in part or entirely with the help of e-cigarettes.  This benefit of e-cigarettes shouldn’t be so easily discounted.  I personally know people who have struggled to quit smoking for 15 years finally kick the habit with the help of these devices.

Should they be regulated?

Absolutely.  Don’t sell to anyone under 18.  Should they be banned from smoking indoors? I don’t think so.  Until there is proof that there are negative second hand effects, I think we should let them be.  We live in such an over regulated society, I would rather we not make new laws based on feelings and ideology before there is evidence of actual harm.
These are some of my thoughts, I encourage you to share your own!

  • Bill

    I personally don’t mind them, to each their own. Probably should regulate the marketing to kids, thats about it.

  • Jeff

    Since the science is still out on the health effects of E-Cigarettes, I will focus on what

    I see are the two uses for them.

    1. As a tool to quit smoking.

    2. As a gateway to start smoking.

    When they first arrived on the market, theses devices were marketed as a way for smokers to kick the habit. Current and ex-smokers have touted the device’s many benefits such as: ease of use, fewer smoking restrictions (in some cities), and a large flavour selection making them an attractive alternative to cigarettes. By using E-cigarettes, many smokers have indeed been able to quit smoking altogether.

    Alarmingly however, these unregulated devices are now promoted more and more towards minors. Individuals who are not smokers in the first place. Sales of these devices are unrestricted and are available at pharmacies, convenience stores and of course the internet. There are reports of online stores advertising to users as young as 13 years old, using catchy terms such as “vaping” or “vape”.

    Due to the ease of use and sleek designs, I believe that the continual unrestricted market for these devices will develop smoking habits in countless young people. Resulting ironically, in a growth traditional cigarettes.

    • Lupus

      ” I believe that the continual unrestricted market for these devices will develop smoking habits in countless young people.”

      “I believe” makes me assume that you don’t know. Is that correct Jeff? If you try to point to the study out of California where they were asking young people if they had ever tried an e cigarette but neglected to ask if they had previously smoked, try again.

      For everyone’s sake please educate yourself on the topic before passing judgment on a product you know little to nothing about.

      • Jeff


        here is one of the first studies looking into the possibility that e-cigarettes may be a gateway.

        • Lupus

          If e cigarettes were NOT available, what percentage of those children who have tried them would have tried tobacco instead? I have been tobacco free for over 10 months and I have not been able to say that in the 47 years previous to my switch to vaping. I can tell you right now that if I had a cigarette I would cough a lot and find the taste of my favorite brand prior to switching, disgusting.

          While I didn’t find the source of the study I would suspect that somewhere in the mix is a Dr. Stanton Glantz or at least his minions. BTW the Dr. is not an MD but does hold a questionable PHD in Mechanical Engineering.

          Now let’s go back to your statements that rely on ‘your beliefs’. Please go look at the list of studies found on the link I have provided you and get to KNOW rather than believe. One of the studies questioned 1300 college freshmen and only found one who vaped before starting smoking. Keep in mind these are real studies done by real researchers who studied real science BEFORE ‘deciding the outcome’ of the study.

          Omitting ‘undesirable’ results from a study is lying by omission of facts. I have read several studies that have done exactly that.

  • VapeMeStoopid

    Jeff, Please provide evidence of these things being gateways into smoking? The last study showed something like less than 1% of non smokers have ever tried an ecig…soo… whats the basis for that assumption? Also this companies products do not contain nicotine.

    NRTs are available to children as young as 12, so as a parent myself, I see nothing wrong with a SMOKING child switching to an ecig.

  • disqus_uZj1O5TE7D

    Interesting discussion

  • canadaecigs

    As the owner I have the opportunity to converse with people on a daily basis in respect to their success or failure to quit smoking traditional cigarettes with the aid of electronic cigarettes, and I can emphatically state that people are in fact succeeding in great numbers, many of whom have tried to quit numerous times with the use of patches, sprays, hypnosis or cold turkey.

    I also quit smoking cigarettes after 30 years because of electronic cigarettes, it’s what motivated me to launch my company.

    However, I must confess that I do not agree with selling e-cigs loaded with exotic and fruity flavours as it is my opinion that these fancy flavours can and will entice people to take up smoking electronic cigarettes (NOT REAL CIGARETTES) where they otherwise would not have if they only contained the 2 conventional flavours (Tobacco and Menthol) found in regular cigarettes.

    My opinion is that electronic cigarettes should be marketed as a safer alternative to Smokers who’s motivation is to do away with conventional cigarettes by transitioning to electronic cigarettes in the most seamless and realistic way. Using an electronic cigarette that is filled with fruity flavours is not a realistic solution.

    • Lupus

      Now why would a retailer that only sells 1st generation E cigarettes make such a statement? The funny thing is ‘sometimes’ I’ll order something besides a slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for desert. Your sense of taste doesn’t die when you become an adult. Right now I am vaping an enjoyable a rendition of ‘Extreme Ice’ chewing gum. I also have a ‘Double mint’ gum flavor I quite enjoy. I’m sure I have more than 15 flavors in my juice rack that I enjoy much like the 30+ spices in my spice rack for cooking. Would you suggest that only Salt and Pepper be allowed in a spice rack?

      While I usually vape a Carmel tobacco flavor I do switch it up from time to time. When I smoked I would switch it up with various flavored cigars from time to time. Do you despise variety?

      It’s all about a safer alternative to tobacco. If someone prefers ‘ode de barnyard’ juice and it helps them with Tobacco Harm Reduction, all the power to them, just don’t vape in my house… or upwind from me.

      I market nothing and as a result I have no bias as to what helps others reduce and/or quit tobacco consumption. I just want the smokers to feel how good it is to REALLY breathe again.

  • Dan

    I personally would much rather have my child enjoying a flavoured E Cigarette (With OUT NICOTINE!) than having them suck back on a coco cola. Just because you inhale it, does not mean it is a gateway too smoking. Is Milk a gateway to scotch? Is ginger ale a gateway to rye and ginger? Is eating mushrooms in my salad a gateway to magic mushrooms?

  • Dave

    Ok now as I understand “lungs” are a way for the body to get life giving oxygen I haven’t found any other use for them, think about it. Oh and just so you know I was stupid enough to smoke for some 40yrs until I quit without any help, so it can be done.

  • Martin Crawford

    I just got one of your energized vapes and it was utter garbage. I got three puffs off of it and the battery died. Maybe you should start selling a product that actually lasts as long as it says it lasts. I would like a full $10(+tax) refund from your garbage.